Its been a while from are updates we will let you know what happens!

On the  27th of May we are having  the NSPCC Big Board Game Day, where you’re allowed to bring board games to school  so you have to bring in

  • £1 to school 
  • BE in your uniform
  • A bord game
  • FUN!!!

In other news, school  council met whith the Sacre team they asked us questions such as 

  • What do you do in assembly’s?/what kind of assembly’s do you have?
  • Do you enjoy your school?
  • They also loved the greenery  we have/field,trim trail

We also have planned our ks1 groups!!


Welcome to 2015 – 2016

With a new school year there is a new School Council elected.  All the classes have held elections and decided their representatives have been decided.

At the first meeting of the year as a council we had to vote for a chairperson.  This year I was chosen to represent the school.  I hope you all will give us your support as we carry out our jobs on the school council.


photo (9)

The introduction from school council

Our members are Tawfiq,Nicole,Maaisha,Hasan,Tasneem,Amelia,Sameer,Sanjeet,Rafael,


And finally our chairman Abdullah.In school council we have decided that we
Are going to raise some money for Red Nose Day and for big yellow Friday.
Also we are writing a letter because someone wrote a letter to us to raise some money for big yellow Friday to help families and children.