Number day!


NSPCC Number Day

Today we went around school to judge the costumes of everyone. These are the year 6 winners: 

 The overall winner is… Amesha in 6G!

 In Year 5, the winner was… Hana with her creative maths sums!


 Ks1 year two below


The overall winner is… Amina 2k!

In year 3, the winners of each class are

The Year one winners are…


The winner for ks2 is Hana‼️for her amazing maths 

And for ks1 is Amina for her effort 


Getting to know school council 

This afternoon, we got to know each other, including our names and when we were born. We discussed what school council should do overall this year. We talked about fundraising ideas for Children In Need that we heard from our classes. We also sorted statements about what jobs we thought school councillors should do.  What ideas do you have for Children In Need?